Online Resources 1

Grammar Practice

These Grammar worksheets give your students extra practice and help them reinforce what they've learnt.

Vocabulary Practice

These Vocabulary worksheets can be used for extra practice and reinforcement.

Sentence Transformation exercises

These worksheets tackle the difficult task of rewriting sentences which is often assessed in the PAU exams. The grammar in these worksheets is based on the Bachillerato syllabus.

Vocabulary Mind Maps

These useful topic-based mind maps will help your students memorise important vocabulary and extend their knowledge of the topic. Students can also add their own words and expressions.

Reading Practice

16 reading worksheets, each with two different exercises, with PAU-style questions for all autonomous communities. There are three different levels of difficulty signalled by a symbol at the top of the page. Also included are multiple-choice worksheets, specifically for students in Catalonia.

Listening practice

These worksheets give students tips and exercises to improve their listening skills, and also help practise exam-type activities in the autonomous communities where students have to sit a listening exam as part of the PAU.

Speaking practice

Three different types of speaking worksheets provide invaluable practice in this skill. These worksheets include information gap activities, debate and discussion material, and photos to discuss. Some of the tasks follow the format of the Cambridge English: First (FCE) exam.


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