Why Out & About?

We can all agree that the university entrance exams are the main objective of the Bachillerato studies. However, there’s life after these exams. That’s precisely the point: to create a book that’s able to prepare students for real life, for everything they are going to be faced with in just a few months when they begin to live in the “real world” just after taking the entrance exams. They are going to find themselves immersed in a world full of challenges, changes, travels, frustrations and successes; a world in which a large part of their experiences are going to “occur” in English.

What is Out & About’s philosophy?

We have completely dedicated ourselves to developing a book that, in addition to guaranteeing success on the university entrance exams, gives students all the tools they’ll need to get on in the real world: life skills that will let them handle themselves in English and in life as well as allowing them to better understand the world surrounding them and face problems the most effective way possible.

The Teacher’s Book

Provides all the teaching notes for each unit and is interleaved with the pages of the Student's Book.


+ The Teacher's Resource Disk - provides all the extra resources teachers need


Class Audio CDs

Three discs containing all the recordings from the Student's Book

Video + Video Activity Book (Listening and speaking extra)

All the videos in Out & About are on a DVD accompanied by an Activity Book with photocopiable video worksheets for use in class. Teacher's notes on how to exploit the videos are also included.


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