As part of the research process for Out & About, we carried out a survey of 400 Bachillerato students from all over Spain.

We discovered a lot of really interesting things from this survey. For example, 88% of the students feel that they will have to go abroad in order to search for work in the upcoming years. Some other interesting facts are that 48% spend more than one hour a day using Whatsapp, 94% have little or no faith in politicians and that 92% feel that happiness is found more in the experiences you have than in material things. London and New York are two of the most aspirational cities for them and 90% give high value to audiovisual content when learning English. Out & About is the result of two years of intense research with both teachers and students. After all this, we came to a conclusion: a book that serves to prepare students for the University Entrance Exams while at the same time incorporates interesting, intense stories based on real life and provides tools and strategies for facing real life is not an incompatible idea. Below, you can find some graphics which show some of the data collected from the student survey.


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